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Are you tired? Irritable? Do you have trouble remembering things? Maybe you are not getting enough sleep.

Do not let diabetes-related foot pain prevent you from a good night’s sleep with Ao2’s Celliant Max Knee socks.

Ao2’s Celliant Max Knee socks help minimize foot complications that unfortunately accompany diabetes through our unique technology. These all too familiar complications include poor circulation, pressure point pain and neuropathy. Ao2’s Celliant Max Knee socks constructed for sleep are cushioned, seamless, crafted to fit wide feet and soft to the touch.

These socks were designed to provide you with the comfort and support you need. Our sleep socks are seamless, easy to care for, and made from natural fibers in the USA.

Max Knee

Max Knee

Ao2 Celliant Max Knee with CELLIANT®   These socks are great for anyone but extremely beneficial for Diabetics.  …