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Premium Ao2 Products Made With CELLIANT®

A  Fiber Technology Which Has Been Clinically Proven To Reduce Pain, Increase Oxygen Levels,

Balance Temperature and Promote Comfort and Wellness

Celliant has recieved TGA and CE approval.

CELLIANT® is a ground breaking fiber technology with eight United States based clinical trials to prove its efficacy.  The amazing results of "Clinically Proven Pain Relief &  Increased Oxygen Levels” of 8 to 25% offer tremendous benefits to athletes, people with diabetes, workers on their feet all day and anyone looking to improve their comfort or enhance their performance. 

Go to www.Celliant.com to review all four clinical studies.


ARTG 226179 – Sponsored by Perform-Tex Australasia

Celliant® is a Class 1 Medical Device

PO Box 1083, Hartwell, Vic 3124, Australia

Made from Celliant® fibres (Hologenix LLC, USA)


Celliant® is a registered trademark of Hologenix, LL






Performance Ao2 Products Made With DRY-ENERGY®

The Combination of Two Innovative Technologies into One Unique Fiber  

CELLIANT® - Clinically Proven Pain Relief


DRI-RELEASE® - Comfort, Moisture Management & Odor Control 

DRY-ENERGY® products give you even more by combining CELLIANT® with DRI-RELEASE®.  It is a patented yarn that has the softness of cotton in a fabric that pulls moisture away from the skin and includes FRESHGUARD® for odor control. With comfort that won’t wash out – DRIRELEASE® keeps you dry and fresh every time for the life of the product.

Go to www.drirelease.com for more information.