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Dry Energy Moisture Management Products


drirelease® comfort, moisture management, odor control + Celliant™ "clinically proven pain relief"

Celliant is a specially formulated material that is clinically proven to increase oxygen levels in the body and relieve pain. Increased oxygen levels can heighten athletic performance, accelerate muscle recovery, help balance body temperature, aid in faster healing, improve sleep quality, increase energy and boost performance.

drirelease® with FreshGuard® is already used in the medical, sports and sleepwear markets to aid health by keeping the skin dry, comfortable and inhibiting bacterial growth. Dri–release will supply its unique set of benefits to the new Dry–Energy performance yarn. The addition of Celliant can boost comfort and assist with athletic performance by aiding in muscle recovery and reducing pain.

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Dry Energy Ankle

Dry Energy®   socks are perfect for everyday comfort, wellness and Athletes.


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Dry Energy Health/Sport Ankle


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Dry Energy Crew


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