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The Antimicrobial / Biodegradable Go Everywhere Flip-Flop That You Can Store Anywhere & Pop-Up At Anytime!

The BFFLZ cloth is treated with AGION® (Nature's first antimicrobial technology to be certified for its environmental intelligence). The soles are made with ECOPURE®, an organic additive that promotes biodegradation of plastics in active microbial landfills.

Great for dorms, hospitals, spas, hotels, locker rooms, travel etc. Simply unzip the water resistant case,

Pop 'Em up, Slip ‘Em on and Go!

Feel great that you are protecting your feet and reducing your carbon imprint on the earth.

Visit www.mybfflz.com for additional information

BFFLZ (Best Feet for Life) Functional and Reusable Pop-Up Flip-Flops That Are both Antimicrobial and Biodegradab… more…