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Ao2 Back Support

Our Ao2 Back Support lining is powered by the Human Element.  The Celliant fabric lining recycles human energy by converting radiant body heat into Infrared light.  This return of IR light penetrates into the muscles and tissue to increase circulation and oxygen leading to faster recovery and healing.  The Infrared light vaporizes moisture on a molecular level, keeping you significantly dryer.  Made with a breathable support foam to keep you cool and comfortable, our back support with lycra conforms to your body as you move.  It is dimensionally stable and washable for great durability use after use. 


The Ao2 Back Supports helps to alleviate back strain and prevent injury to lower back.


 Excellent support for heavy lifting at the gym, work or home.


 Perfect fit with quick on/off Velcro.





Ao2 Back Support
Ao2 Back Support
Sizes are based on the size of the waist and are flexible because of the versatile design: &nbs… more…